About Me

Lavender Rooster LLC was started to share the love of animals.

The Lavender Rooster LLC is named after the love I have for Lavender Orpingtons. This unique and sought-after breed of chicken is literally the color Lavender! The Orpington breed is one of the calmest in temperament, of which I enjoy very much. With a generous supply of pasture raised eggs, I began selling them at the local farmers markets. They are the most delicious eggs because my hens are happy, free ranging in the sunshine wherever they please.

Shortly after the chickens came the Nigerian Dwarf goats! Goats bring so much joy, especially goat kids. I often find myself sitting with them and playing for hours on end. Goat therapy is a real thing that everyone needs to experience. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I began offering Goat Yoga classes, so that others could escape the stressful days and get outside for a bit of cheerful therapy. 

The joy the goats bring to people is contagious and I wanted others to feel joy during such a difficult time. It was apparent how much of a positive impact Goat Yoga had on people and from then on, I knew I wanted to support others find their inner peace. 

Sagebrush is abundant on our land and in this region. I began to create smudges from all the natural varieties offered. The mindful trimming, gathering and conscious process of creating smudges brings me peace. The art of smudging has healing properties that can help with mental health, among others. Setting intentions each day while smudging helps connect us to our true self, eliminating negative or unwanted energy. These rituals have been sacred to Native Americans for centuries. Connecting with mother nature is connecting to ourselves. The land, animals, and plants are all elements within us. We are one.

I love mining for turquoise.

I am Ovo-Vegetarian!

I played collegiate softball in California

My Favorite Things:

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